Friday, May 1, 2015

what the fluff.

We're down to like 10 sposies, so today I've been testing out cloth...
Firstly: a size 1 applecheeks pocket/cover that I stuffed with a cotton prefold (cut into the size and shape of an insert) and a hemp-cotton Geffen Baby infant doubler. I didn't tighten the waist/legs enough so we did leak a tiny bit of pee out onto the blanket while nursing & napping.
I really liked the fit though! Sadly, that brand is $20 brand new for the cover only. A lady gave it to me as a freebie when o bought some dipes from her off a swap.

Second cloth: same layering of inserts, but laid into a Sweet Pea newborn cover. It has double leg gussets. Love the fit!! So far so good...and this time I made it much more snug.
A green mountain newborn snapped fitted under rumparooz newborn cover. Pretty bulky but should soak up a ton of pee. Lol. And it did.

Grovia newborn all in one. No inserts or extras...just a cotton hemp blend all in one. :) nice and trim. We'll see how it holds pee for a couple hours... Super trim though, as I said.