Tuesday, January 21, 2014

what to do on a bad hair day.

tuesday, january 21, 2014

ok this is getting weird.

i get the urge and lines in my head to start writing at the same time two days in a row? WEIRD.


what to do on a bad hair day --er, should i say "a bad hair, don't care day".
because really, in the winter, there are those days --regardless of length of hair, am i right?-- where you just don't want to mess with it. you don't want to put any effort into it. and maybe that's just me this morning because i woke up, showered, brewed coffee, and got the motivation to work out. bicycle crunches, pushups, etc. then i downed a glass of water with a bit of acv in it, and 5 minutes later my had-been empty stomach is feeling the nausea. i took that as my cue to pour a cup of coffee. :P it calmed it, of course. coffee's in my blood or dna or something. maybe that last line was redundant. that's ok with me.

so about these bad hair days...

what to do, what to do?

summon motivation and want-to? nah. just push it behind your ears, don't worry about brushing it (i know i don't; but then again my hair is barely to the shortest bob stage; growing out a summer pixie hairdo takes time, people), don't worry about gel. i mean, who are you going to see today? eh, don't answer that. it's a question for me. the house is neatened once again, shower and coffee and cozy clothes are taken care of, laundry is even started, and after the husband leaves for work i'm heading to my father-in-law's house to watch a chick flick with some sweet sisters-in-law. :) The Vow, if you were wondering. Jen hasn't seen it, and she really needs to. hahah. we're going to go hug our husbands tight when they get home from work later.

bad hair, don't care. i truly don't today. i'm tempted to put a hat on it and just call it a day.
i mean, with growing-out hair (i know, i know; it's my fault, it was my choice to get it chopped), what can you do on a bad day? with longer hair, you can finger comb it back into a ponytail and you're done. everyone does ponytails. no one knows unless you tell them you're having a bad hair day. but with short hair that's growing out and not even past your ears yet? you can't even do anything with it sometimes. i might be paranoid or over-thinking it, but come on. everyone can tell when you're having a bad hair day with not-quite-long-enough-to-call-it-a-hairstyle hair. :P

patience is a virtue, i guess. it's humbling to have nice quality hair but not being able to help the style as it is in the present moment. you have to live with it and let it go. heheh.

20 minutes later, here's my update. i got up from my cozy place cuddled on the couch with this laptop, poured myself another cup of coffee, and set about to pampering this thing at the top of my body. my head, of course. coconut oil to moisterize for those winter-induced dry spots. gel in my hair to guide it a bit. headband to keep it out of my face and behind my ears. i might even go so far as to add some basic makeup to this blank canvas.

happy january 21st.

(when will winter end? please say beginning of march.)

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