Friday, March 28, 2014

what a (late march) day.

Hung towels on the clothesline with the husband's help. It was the perfect day for it.
Early afternoon helping my best friend of more than ten years and her husband and bebe boy start to move in just down the road. Even five years ago I wouldn't have even dreamed of such a thing happening. Three, even. It's strange, wonderful, bittersweet somewhat, and stunning how everything changes in just a few years.
Satisfaction for my ocd tendencies created by cleaning all their mirrors and windows. (Yes. I know.)
Found recipes for and made the best battered and shallow-pan fried fish tacos (tilapia) with a reportedly 'copycat long john silver's' baja sauce. I may have outdid myself, according to the best husband in the world.
Starting the fifth season of Gilmore Girls. Can't believe I'm almost through them all.
I just heard rain outside. It started falling softly against the side of the house as I washed off a honey mask in the otherwise quiet.
Ah, the evenings of a wife of a weekend nightshifter.
This really was a good day though.
Even though it was my older sister's twenty-seventh birthday and I wasn't able to hug her and celebrate it in person; the husband and I had an hour of silence and thoughts of how to mend a misunderstanding which ended in very good making up (we both process  arguments and misunderstandings quite similarly); and the kitchen still smells like fish and oil even though I sprayed a peppermint essential oil/water as a natural type of febreze.
This day was pretty fantastic.
Not in the always busy, always going places, always doing new amazing important things, but in a down to earth, enjoying basic, wonderful things kind of way.

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