Monday, October 13, 2014

update: currently growing a little person.

this will be the 14th puny post on this halfway deserted blog (including drafts that will probably never be read by anyone's eyes but my own).

yesterday: 17 weeks pregnant.
yep...this is the first post mentioning pregnancy, and the first post in months, period.
that's a little over 4 months, for people who don't count in weeks like the those of us who have to learn how to.
i've been reading posts about the difference between being pregnant and raising your first kid versus life doing those things with your second.
in case you wondered, this is how we announced the pregnancy on social media:
A new little Hill, due to arrive in late March 2015:)

starting about a month ago, i blessedly began noticing that soup --any kind, as long as it wasn't too rich or too spicy-- was always a good idea. my stomach approved of it.
the nearest thing to a craving that i have is the affinity for Campbell's chicken noodle soup heated up for lunch. the pre-prego beka would look askance at my grocery list at the moment. i grew up with most everything homemade. soups, especially, always from scratch. canned soup was gross to me. until now. that chicken noodle soup is my favorite. it's weird to say that about something canned. my wire fruit basket isn't as full of fruit variety as it was last year either.
a pretty constant trial of the second trimester has been being hungry and not having a clue what sounds good.
the trial of the first trimester, besides the obvious prevailing nausea (only cured sliiiightly by staying more hydrated than i've ever been -lemon water- or breathing peppermint essential oil slowly and deeply) for usually the first half of the day, was wanting carbs--pasta, bagels, etc., and hating anything sweet, even fruit. and 3 instances of heartburn --one of which was the morning my latest nephew was born. cajun trail mix is now the devil to me. saying the words out loud still makes me shudder;  4am-12pm heartburn, with nothing to calm it. a hellish morning for the experience of a sweet bebe boy coming into the world.

this morning the bebe started moving before i even got out of bed.
i like this part of the second trimester; feeling the little person make its presence known. :)
i started feeling little taps once every day or two right before i turned 15 weeks. it was such a lovely shock, the little movements.
now i feel the bebe every day, a couple times a day. usually when i'm laying down on the couch resting, or in bed in morn or night, and sometimes when i'm sitting up, the wee one will kick against the snug (while sitting indian style) waistband of my yoga pants.
i kinda really love it a lot.
(and i really can't wait till justin can feel the bebe move...statistically speaking, that's possible starting anywhere between 20-24 weeks.)

before breakfast, i barely look bloated.
after breakfast, with my stomach full of usually cinnamon-sugared oatmeal and a big mug of coffee, i look decently pregnant.
i wonder when i'll 'pop'. i know for sure there's no going back for my belly button; it's been half popped out for the last month, and now pretty much fully out there. when i wear any lighter-than-black color, you can see it clearly. i've heard some women complain about their belly button popping out; saying it's gross or weird. i've always thought it was a cute byproduct of growing a little human.

this morning was one of the best yet (lately, anyhow):
once i woke up, i felt good (normal, even! -gasp-), was hungry and thinking of how good an egg on toast sounded --which is something that has grossed me out for the last 4 months.
i got up before justin (he had a nightshift saturday night and was awake all day sunday afterwards, so monday is always a sleep in day for him) and had the drive to clean the kitchen, make coffee (always!), and cook up a buttery piece of toast with 2 eggs on it. turned out to be the best thing ever.
justin eventually got up.

after a shower, i followed up breakfast with 1.5 mugs of really good -fresh ground- Berres Brothers breakfast blend coffee, which i sipped while watching him play a video game called "watchdogs" that he's trying to beat before the newest assassin's creed comes out. :)
it's been a dreary day, complete with a downpour as i came over to my father-in-law's house (to use wifi and hang out --wifi is expensive out in the country), and a tornado warning for an hour or two while a cold front moved in with the rains and the wind.
we're all safe and sound, and now snow patrol plays on my spotify; a mug of hot cocoa is my current companion.

sometimes justin catches me staring at him before we go to sleep; wondering who exactly our bebe will take after in all those different ways. personality; nose; eyes; mouth; hair color.

then i get on my computer and look at old pics i instagrammed out of good ol' baby feverness (with my former, super crappy samsung centura -itty bitty- smartphone), and remember:
oh yah. he was stinkin' adorable when he was itty bitty. who cares what the kiddo looks like.

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